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Animal protection is an issue dear to millions and one on which MP’s receive more mail than on any other. Yet, animals are poorly protected by the government.

Animals Count's vision is a world in which animals are not exploited and are seen and treated as sentient beings.

Our mission is to establish a voice for the animals through a dedicated political party, which focuses on respect and compassion for all living beings.

Our constitution is based on the ethics of respect for life. Just like human beings, non-human animals have an interest in being alive and experiencing positive mental states, and an interest in avoiding suffering, illness and death. As ethical human beings we have an obligation to respect and protect their interests. Doing so leads to a more compassionate and healthier society, which benefits humans too.

What we do

Animals Count aims to take animal issues to the top of the political agenda and to raise the bar. We do this by setting the best policies for animals, encouraging existing political parties to become more animal friendly, and contesting elections.

Animals Count is active in England, Wales and Scotland. Leader Jasmijn de Boo was an active member of the highly successful Dutch Political 'Party for the Animals', which has 20 elected representatives, including two MPs since November 2006 and one Senator since June 2007 - a world first!

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Who we are

Elected Animals Count Committee of National Officers include:

  • Leader and co-founder: Jasmijn de Boo (London)
  • Deputy Leader: Richard Deboo (Collier Row)
  • Treasurer: Louise Cobham (London)
  • Nominating Officer: Fiona McNeill (London)
  • Secretary: Nicola Gothard
  • Spokespersons: Andrew Knight (veterinarian, London), Alex Bourke (author 'Vegetarian Guides', London)
  • Co-founder: Shaun Rutherford (Milford Haven)

Other active supporters:
Website developer: Daniela Martino (London)
Leaflet designer: Rachel Griffiths (Devon)
Contact for Wales: Lorraine (Cardiff) Wales_at_animalscount.org (replace _at_ with @)
Plus many other active members in Scotland, England and Wales. Thank you to all those pioneers who believe in Animals Count's vision.

Most political parties do not much more than pay lip-service to animal welfare. If you really care about advancing animal rights; join us!

Similar initiatives

For information about similar political parties for animals worldwide, such as the Dutch political Party for Animals, the Austrian Tierrechtspartei, the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, the German Tierschutzpartei, the Spanish PACMA, and others, go to similar initiatives

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